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Molecular cloning of a cDNA with a novel domain present in the tre-2 oncogene and the yeast cell cycle regulators BUB2 and cdc16.

In an effort to identify genes that are differentially regulated during mast cell development, subtracted cDNA prepared from wild-type murine P815 mastocytoma cells and a P815 subline that exhibits properties of mast cell differentiation was used to screen mast cell cDNA libraries. Several known mast cell-specific cDNAs were isolated including mast cell carboxypeptidase A (MC-CPA), murine mast cell protease-5 (MMCP-5), and gp49. A novel cDNA, designated Tbc1, was identified that showed differential expression in the two mast cell lines. The amino acid sequence predicted from the cDNA contains a 200 amino acid domain that is homologous to regions in the tre-2 oncogene and the yeast regulators of mitosis, BUB2 and cdc16. The N-terminal region contains a number of cysteine and histidine residues, potentially encoding a zinc finger domain. Tbc1 is a nuclear protein and is expressed in highest levels in hematopoietic cells, testis and kidney. Within these tissues, expression of Tbc1 is cell- and stage-specific. Based on sequence similarity, pattern of expression and subcellular localization, Tbc1 may play a role in the cell cycle and differentiation of various tissues.[1]


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