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SR13/ PMP-22 expression in rat nervous system, in PC12 cells, and C6 glial cell lines.

SR13/ PMP-22 is a protein that was identified after screening a sciatic nerve cDNA library. Our study focused on comparing the level and pattern of expression of SR13/ PMP-22 protein and RNA. Northern blot analysis revealed that although SR13/ PMP-22 mRNA was present in all nervous tissues and cells studied, levels were at least seven fold higher in the sciatic nerve and the spinal cord. During sciatic nerve postnatal development and maturation, the SR13/ PMP-22 mRNA was detected at 2 days after birth, reached a maximal level at day 24, and decreased to 1/3 of the maximum in adult animals. Nerve transection reduced the level of SR13/ PMP-22 mRNA to less than 5% in the segment distal to the nerve injury. Experiments using in situ hybridization localized the SR13/ PMP-22 mRNA in Schwann cells. Schwann cells present in the vicinity or distal to the nerve cut repressed the signal for the message. In situ hybridization experiments also demonstrated that dorsal root ganglia satellite cells contained the message for SR13/ PMP-22. The SR13/ PMP-22 antisera used in our study showed a complex pattern of staining. As expected, the SR13/ PMP-22 antibody peptide 1 immunoreacted with the sciatic nerve sheath. However, immunocytochemistry of the dorsal root ganglia revealed that the staining was contained in the neuron's cell body and processes and also in satellite cells. We also identified immunoreactive cell bodies and fibers in the spinal cord dorsal horn. Tissue culture studies demonstrated that SR13/ PMP-22 mRNA is induced in NGF treated PC12 but not in C6 glioma cell lines grown under experimental conditions that stimulated cell growth arrest. Our experiments suggest that SR13/ PMP-22 may have some other function(s) in addition to its hypothesized role in peripheral myelination.[1]


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