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Analysis of the mechanisms underlying the contractile response induced by the hydroalcoholic extract of Phyllanthus urinaria in the guinea-pig urinary bladder in-vitro.

The hydroalcoholic extract of Phyllanthus urinaria (Euphorbiaceae), substance P and substance P methyl ester all caused graded contractions in the guinea-pig urinary bladder. Responses to hydroalcoholic extract and substance P were markedly inhibited in calcium-free Krebs solution, this effect being reversed by reintroduction of calcium in the medium. The contraction in response to hydroalcoholic extract was unaffected by atropine, propranolol, prazosin, yohimbine, tetrodotoxin, w-conotoxin, nicardipine, HOE 140, guanethidine, staurosporine, phorbol ester or indomethacin, excluding the involvement of nervous mediated responses, or action via cholinergic, adrenergic, kinins, cyclo-oxygenase metabolites, protein kinase C or activation of L or N-type calcium channels. The selective NK1 tachykinin antagonist (FK 888), but not NK2 (SR 48968) antagonized substance P-induced contraction, but both drugs failed to effect Phyllanthus urinaria-induced contraction. Prolonged desensitization of guinea pig urinary bladder with capsaicin (10 microM) or preincubation of guinea-pig urinary bladder with capsazepine did not affect contraction caused by hydroalcoholic extract. Ruthenium red almost completely abolished capsaicin-induced contraction, but had no effect on hydroalcoholic extract-mediated contraction. Substance P and the hydroalcoholic extract caused marked potentiation of the twitch response in the preparations field stimulated. The facilitatory effect of substance P, but not that of hydroalcoholic extract, was prevented by the NK1 (FK 888), but not by NK2 (SR 48968) antagonist. We concluded that contraction induced by hydroalcoholic extract of Phyllanthus urinaria in the guinea pig urinary bladder involves direct action on smooth muscle and relies on the mobilization of extracellular calcium influx unrelated to activation of L- and N-type calcium channels or activation of protein kinase C mechanisms. In addition contraction caused by the hydroalcoholic extract of Phyllanthus urinaria in guinea-pig urinary bladder does not involve the activation of tachykinin or vanilloid receptors.[1]


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