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A unique CD45 glycoform recognized by the serum mannan-binding protein in immature thymocytes.

The serum-mannan binding protein (S-MBP) is a calcium-dependent C-type lectin specific for mannose and N-acetylglucosamine. S-MBP is known as a host defense factor involved in innate immunity, where the target ligands for S-MBP should be on the surface of exogenous microorganisms. In this study, we tried to find endogenous ligands for this endogenous lectin. Among the cells tested, only the lymphocytes from thymus of BALB/c mice expressed ligands for S-MBP on their surface, those from bone marrow, spleen, mesenteric lymph nodes and peripheral blood all being negative. Interestingly, among the thymocytes, only the immature thymocytes with the CD4+CD8+CD3low phenotype expressed ligands for S-MBP, and ligands for S-MBP decreased on their maturation. A major cell surface glycoprotein bearing S-MBP ligands was isolated and identified as CD45RO, which is a transmembrane protein with tyrosine phosphatase activity. Deglycosylation experiments with N-glycanase and endoglycosidase H indicated that the S-MBP ligands on thymic CD45 are high mannose type or hybrid type N-linked oligosaccharides. This unique presentation of S-MBP ligands on this special CD45 isoform suggested the possibility that the oligosaccharide portion of CD45 on immature thymocytes is associated with the maturation, development or selection events of thymocytes.[1]


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