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Cellular proliferation and second messenger formation altered by dialysis membranes.

BACKGROUND: In this study we investigated the effect of different dialysis membranes on the clonal murine haematopoietic cell line 32D cells transmembrane signalling machinary, monitored by 1,2-diacylglycerol (DAG) formation, and on their ability to respond to the physiological growth factor interleukin-3 (IL-3). METHODS: Cells were exposed to dialysers (cuprophane, CU; polysulphone, PS; cellulose diacetate, CA; polyacrylonitrile, AN69; polymethylmethacrylate, PMMA; cellulose triacetate, CT; polyamide, PA; and polycarbonate, PC); they were collected, counted, and treated with physiological amount of IL-3. Cell proliferation was monitored as incorporation of radioactivity in duplicating DNA. DAG was measured by thin-layer chromatography in cell labelled with tritiated glycerol overnight. RESULTS: CU and PA stimulated cell proliferation in comparison with resting cells. PS and TC did not significantly affect thymidine incorporation either in IL-3-stimulated, or in resting cells. Cells exposed to AN69, PC, and CA showed depressed basal incorporation of thymidine (70, 54 and 56% of controls respectively) but retained the ability to respond to IL-3 in a manner not statistically different from controls. PMMA reduced thymidine incorporation both in basal condition and after IL-3 stimulation CU and PC activated early cell signalling (1.95 x and 1.31 x respectively, DAG increase over control), while PA and TC depressed DAG generation (0.38 x and 0.47 x respectively, DAG increase over control). PS, CA, AN69, and PMMA did not stimulate DAG generation. CONCLUSIONS: Alternations of intracellular mitogenic signalling appear to correlate with the ability to make a cell competent for function. These results might help to elucidate the effect of different dialysers, at the molecular level, on the blood cell behaviour in vivo.[1]


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