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A genetic map of bovine chromosome 7 with an interspecific hybrid backcross panel.

A genetic linkage map of bovine Chromosome (Chr) 7 was generated with a Bos taurus x Bos gaurus interspecific hybrid backcross panel. This study included six previously mapped microsatellites and five unmapped expressed genes that were identified by PCR-based restriction fragment length variants (RFLVs). The gene order (from centromere to telomere) and the map distances (in centimorgans) are as follows: cen-BM2607-11.2-LDLR-3.6-AMH,CSF2-11. 2-BP41-19-BM6117-19-SPARC-14.4-FGFA-15.5-BM18 53-11.2-RASA-18. 8-ILSTS006. Previous comparative synteny mapping demonstrated that bovine Chr 7 shares homologous regions with both HSA5q and HSA19p. A break or fusion between AMH and CSF2 in an ancestral chromosome is suggested to account for the current arrangement of these homologous segments in the human and bovine genomes. In this study, we demonstrate that a short proximal portion of BTA7 is homologous with HSA19p, while a larger distal portion of BTA7 is homologous with human Chr 5q. The orientation of these conserved human segments on BTA7 is also demonstrated. Our data show that the linear order of genes has not been conserved within the homologous region of HSA5 and BTA7, and one chromosomal translocation or inversion is proposed to account for this difference.[1]


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