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Chemical Compound Review

vaniline     4-hydroxy-3-methoxy- benzaldehyde

Synonyms: vanillin, Vanilin, Vanilla, Vanilline, Lioxin, ...
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Disease relevance of Vanillic aldehyde


High impact information on Vanillic aldehyde


Biological context of Vanillic aldehyde

  • Objective and subjective measurements of nasal airflow were made before and after inhalation of Vanilla, D-Menthol and L-Menthol separately [10].
  • Cucumber mosaic virus (CMV) causing mosaic, leaf distortion and stunting of vanilla (Vanilla planifolia Andrews) in India was characterized on the basis of biological and coat protein (CP) nucleotide sequence properties [3].

Associations of Vanillic aldehyde with other chemical compounds


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