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Chemical Compound Review

CCRIS 8142     N'-(4-bromophenyl)sulfonyl-N- [(2S)-3...

Synonyms: CHEBI:179437, AC1L3TUA, Ici-200,355, LS-171951, ICI 200355, ...
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Disease relevance of ICI 200355


High impact information on ICI 200355

  • We have obtained identical results with alpha1-antitrypsin, alpha2m, recombinant secretory leukocyte proteinase inhibitor, and ICI 200,355, and we have found that phagocyte-derived oxidants are not required for the genesis of this catalytic activity [2].
  • ICI 200,355, a selective inhibitor of neutrophil elastase, prevented LTB(4)-induced nasal secretion and lysozyme secretion, but it had no effect on neutrophil recruitment [3].
  • Pretreatment with the selective neutrophil elastase inhibitor ICI 200,355 also prevented ovalbumin-induced goblet cell degranulation, implicating elastase [4].
  • RESULTS--When preincubated with neutrophils both rSLPI and r alpha 1-PI were effective inhibitors of fibronectin degradation although n alpha 1-PI and ICI 200,355 were less effective [5].
  • This effect was largely (83%; P<0.02) inhibited by ICI 200,355, a specific inhibitor of neutrophil elastase [6].

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