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Chemical Compound Review

ARGININOSUCCINIC ACID     (2S)-2-[[N'-[(4S)-4-amino-4- carboxy...

Synonyms: HMDB00052, AC1L290K, AC1Q5T28, C03406, 2387-71-5, ...
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Disease relevance of ARGININOSUCCINIC ACID


High impact information on ARGININOSUCCINIC ACID

  • These data provide evidence that, if precise control is maintained over tissue culture variables, citrullinemia can be diagnosed successfully in utero by microassay of ASA synthetase activity in cultured amniotic fluid cells [2].
  • The pregnancy was terminated, and the in utero diagnosis was confirmed by assay of ASA synthetase activity in cultured fetal skin fibroblasts (4.4% of control activity) [2].
  • ASA was not detected in amniotic fluid from the second fetus at risk, and ASA lyase activity in cultured cells was 80% of control activity [5].
  • Enzymatic analysis of erythrocyte lysate confirmed the diagnosis of an unaffected child (ASA lyase = 46% of control) and indicated heterozygosity [5].
  • In addition, eight fetal tissues were analyzed for ASA, and all had significant accumulation [5].

Chemical compound and disease context of ARGININOSUCCINIC ACID


Anatomical context of ARGININOSUCCINIC ACID


Associations of ARGININOSUCCINIC ACID with other chemical compounds


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of ARGININOSUCCINIC ACID


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