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Chemical Compound Review

CHEBI:71683     (2R)-2-[[(4R)-4-amino-4- carboxy...

Synonyms: AC1L9R2X, D-gamma-Glu-D-Glu, Poly-D-glutamic acid, D-gamma-glutamyl-D-glutamic acid
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Disease relevance of AIDS003574


High impact information on AIDS003574

  • Over the chosen intervals, from 80 to 96% of the lysosomes could be paired within 1 micron of each other in the NH4Cl- and PGA-treated cells in comparison with 50-70% in normal cells [5].
  • Treatment of the macrophages with 5-10 mM NH4Cl for 0.5-2 h or with 100 micrograms PGA/ml for 5 d caused a striking inhibition of saltatory lysosomal movements, as well as the expected inhibition of P-L fusion [5].
  • The Dep protein appears to be an enzyme that catalyses the hydrolysis of the poly-D-glutamic acid capsule [2].
  • We discovered that brief administration of a low-molecular-weight synthetic peptide, poly-d-glutamic acid (PDG), induced prompt and robust expansion of EPO-producing PIC in rat kidney, without evidence of tubular cell necrosis/apoptosis or fibrotic reaction [6].
  • Specimens obtained 3 hours after injection of poly-D-glutamic acid and horseradish peroxidase suggested an impairment of endosome and/or lysosome fission, but not fusion [3].

Chemical compound and disease context of AIDS003574


Biological context of AIDS003574


Anatomical context of AIDS003574


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of AIDS003574


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