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Chemical Compound Review

ACMC-1BXT3     3-methyl-2-oxo-pentanoic acid

Synonyms: AG-D-90199, CHEBI:35932, HMDB00491, ANW-20983, AC1Q5BWY, ...
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Disease relevance of alpha-keto-beta-methyl-valerate


High impact information on alpha-keto-beta-methyl-valerate


Biological context of alpha-keto-beta-methyl-valerate

  • An enzymatic method for the separate measurement of both chiral 2-oxo-3-methylvaleric acid (OMV) compounds, (S)- and (R)-OMV, by NADH-dependent enantioselective amination using leucine dehydrogenase in the presence of a NADH regenerating system is described [7].


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