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Chemical Compound Review

Vanadocene     cyclopentane; vanadium

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Disease relevance of Vanadocene


High impact information on Vanadocene


Biological context of Vanadocene


Anatomical context of Vanadocene

  • All seven chelate complexes of vanadocene elicited potent spermicidal activity at micromolar concentrations (EC50 values: 3.9-106 microM) without affecting the sperm acrosome integrity [9].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Vanadocene

  • Both the unsubstituted and the pentamethyl-substituted vanadocene induced rapid sperm immobilization (T(1/2) < 15 s) [10].
  • This study sought to determine the vaginal contraceptive activity of vanadocene dithiocarbamate (VDDTC), a stable vanadocene (IV)-chelated complex, using the standard rabbit model as well as the domestic pig as a physiologically relevant animal model for contraception [11].


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