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Administration, Intravaginal

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  • Yet, the actual mechanisms by which vaginal administration of progesterone can induce higher concentrations in the uterus, despite low concentrations in the systemic circulation, remain obscure and most puzzling to many gynaecologists [21].
  • CONCLUSIONS: The daily vaginal administration of one vial of micronized P for 10 days allowed useful serum P levels to be reached, especially after estrogen therapy, and induced clear secretory changes in the endometrium [18].
  • CONCLUSIONS: Vaginal administration of misoprostol (Cytotec) is an effective alternative to oxytocin infusion for labor induction in women with premature rupture of the membranes near term [22].
  • In each side, the ovarian and uterine arteries form arterial anastomoses and controversy exists regarding the origin of the arterial supply to the Fallopian tube and tubal part of the uterus, and consequently whether these tissues can be reached through vaginal administration [23].
  • The pregnancy was terminated by vaginal administration of misoprostol, and postmortem examination confirmed the ultrasound findings, including bilateral upper limb reduction with radial aplasia, absent first metacarpal and thumb and ventrally hyperflexed hands [24].

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