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Chemical Compound Review

behenate     docosanoate

Synonyms: Docosanoate, AC1NUTJ1, CHEBI:23858, CH3-[CH2]20-COO(-)
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High impact information on 7211-53-2

  • Thus, in the intact rat heart, docosanoate and dodecanedioate appear to be oxidized only in peroxisomes [1].
  • Because of its low bioavailability compared with other fatty acids and because of its very long chain length, the effect of dietary behenic acid (behenate) on serum lipid concentrations in humans is assumed to be neutral [2].
  • At constant concentration of contact surface and varying concentration of HF, autoactivation rates in the presence of behenate, sulphatide vesicles or dextran sulphate followed Michaelis-Menten kinetics [3].
  • Analytical problems of interfering compounds, ie, methyl monoester of azelaic acid and methyl docosanoate, were solved by a second methylation step with diazomethane and by elimination of nonpolar FAME by adsorption chromatography, respectively [4].
  • Extensive HPLC allowed the separation of the major components of the mixture, which were characterized by spectral means as 2[4'-hydroxyphenyl]-ethyl stearate (3), 2[4'-hydroxyphenyl]-ethyl behenate (6), and 2[4'-hydroxyphenyl]-ethyl lignocerate (8) [5].

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Gene context of 7211-53-2

  • Diglyceride portion of these compounds consists of 1-O-alkyl-2-O-acyl-glycerol with the docosanoate and glyceryl-monodocosyl being the predominant acyl and alkyl components [10].
  • Plasma VIIc also increased following addition of behenate-enriched lipoprotein particles produced by incubation of the d < 1.006 g/ml lipoprotein fraction with this FA, or addition of lipoprotein remnants produced by pre-incubation of the d < 1.006 g/ml fraction with lipoprotein lipase [11].


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