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Chemical Compound Review

sorbose     (3S,4R,5S)-1,3,4,5,6- pentahydroxyhexan-2-one

Synonyms: Esorben, Sorbinose, Sorbin, L-sorbose, L-Sor, ...
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Disease relevance of sorbose

  • C-Terminal and N-terminal antibodies disclosed sorbin in five of 14 intestinal carcinoid tumours; C-terminal antibody alone disclosed a C-terminal sorbin peptide in two of six insulinomas and three of 17 endocrine pancreatic tumours [1].
  • AIMS: To identify sorbin cells in normal human digestive tissues and to explore the expression of sorbin in 37 digestive endocrine tumours: 14 intestinal carcinoid tumours and 23 endocrine pancreatic tumours including six insulinomas [1].

High impact information on sorbose

  • The human homolog for the sorbin and SH3-domain-containing-1 gene, termed SORBS1, might play a role in human disorders with insulin resistance [2].
  • CAP contains a unique structure with three adjacent Src homology 3 (SH3) domains in the C terminus and a region showing significant sequence similarity with the peptide hormone sorbin [3].
  • This protein had a sorbin homology domain in the N terminus, a zinc finger motif in the middle region, and three src homology (SH) 3 domains in the C terminus and was homologous to the ponsin/ArgBP2/vinexin family proteins [4].
  • Presence of sorbin in human digestive tract and endocrine digestive tumours [1].
  • C-Terminal sorbin immunoreactivity alone was found in plexii from the enteric nervous system and in some insulin-containing cells of normal pancreas [1].

Biological context of sorbose


Anatomical context of sorbose


Gene context of sorbose

  • Inhibitory effect of sorbin on pepsin secretion in conscious cats and rabbits [10].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of sorbose

  • METHODS: Two polyclonal antibodies against the C-terminal and the N-terminal sequences of porcine sorbin raised in rabbit were used to evaluate sorbin expression by immunohistochemistry [1].


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