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Gene Review

Cryge  -  crystallin, gamma E

Mus musculus

Synonyms: Cryg-2, Cryg-6, DGcry-2, Elo, Gamma-E-crystallin, ...
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Disease relevance of Cryge

  • However, DNA walking identified a murine endogenous retrovirus (IAPLTR1: ERVK) insertion in exon 3 of Cryge, disrupting the coding sequence for gammaE-crystallin [1].

High impact information on Cryge

  • In addition, the mutant mRNA is present in the affected lens, providing further support for our hypothesis that the deletion is responsible for the dominant Elo phenotype [2].
  • The murine Elo (eye lens obsolescence) mutation confers a dominant phenotype characterized by malformation of the eye lens [2].
  • A frameshift mutation in the gamma E-crystallin gene of the Elo mouse [2].
  • Two mutations occur at the same site in the Crygd and Cryge genes (Leu45-->Pro) [3].
  • However, another open reading frame was observed just 19 bp downstream of the regular Cryge start codon, resulting in a protein of 119 amino acids and a calculated molecular weight of 13 kD [4].

Biological context of Cryge

  • An A --> G exchange in the middle of intron 1 of the Cryge gene was found as the only alteration cosegregating with the cataractous phenotype [5].
  • Close linkage of the dominant cataract mutations (Cat-2) with Idh-1 and cryge on mouse chromosome 1 [6].

Anatomical context of Cryge

  • In addition, the previously known mutant eye lens obsolescence, Elo, maps to the same point [7].
  • We investigated murine CRYGE/f promoters of different length in lens epithelial cell lines [8].
  • Defect of a fiber cell-specific 94-kDa protein in the lens of inherited microphthalmic mutant mouse Elo [9].

Associations of Cryge with chemical compounds

  • From linkage analyses of the three-point cross test using Elo and En-1 as marker genes, the bilirubin UDPGT gene was mapped at position 37 on chromosome 1 [10].

Other interactions of Cryge

  • The mutant allele Crygbnop (formerly Cat2(nop)) is caused by a replacement of 11 bp by 4 bp in the third exon of Crygb, while a C-->G transversion in exon 3 of Cryge has been found for the Cryget (formerly Cat2(t)) mutation [11].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Cryge


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