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Gene Review

Lama5  -  laminin, alpha 5

Mus musculus

Synonyms: AA408760, AA408762, AI853660, Laminin subunit alpha-5, Laminin-10 subunit alpha, ...
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Disease relevance of Lama5


High impact information on Lama5

  • Lama5-null mice develop a small tooth germ with defective cusp formation and have reduced proliferation of dental epithelium [2].
  • Here, we have examined the role of laminin alpha5 (Lama5) in tooth development using laminin alpha5-null mouse primary dental epithelium and tooth germ organ cultures [2].
  • A new mouse PKD model has been produced through insertion of a PGKneo cassette in an intron of the gene that encodes laminin alpha5 (Lama5), a major tubular and glomerular basement membrane component that is important for glomerulogenesis and ureteric bud branching [3].
  • Crossing the transgenes onto the Lama5-/- background generates "pseudo-knockins", so called because endogenous laminin alpha5 is replaced by transgene-encoded proteins [4].
  • The mouse laminin alpha5 chain gene (Lama5) has been mapped close to the locus of the semidominant ragged (Ra) mutation on distal chromosome 2 [5].

Associations of Lama5 with chemical compounds

  • Inhibition of laminin-511 receptor beta1 integrin disrupted DP primary cilia formation as well as hair development [6].


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