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Gene Review

cyaA  -  bifunctional hemolysin-adenylate cyclase

Bordetella pertussis Tohama I

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Disease relevance of cyaA


High impact information on cyaA

  • The Bordetella pertussis adenylate cyclase (cya) operon is composed of four open reading frames, cyaA, B, D and E (Glaser et al., 1988, EMBO J., 7, 3997-4004) [4].
  • The cyaA gene encodes a virulence factor, cyclolysin, a bifunctional protein exhibiting both adenylate cyclase and haemolytic activities while the cyaB, D and E gene products are necessary for cyclolysin transport [4].
  • The gene encoding the AC toxin (cyaA) is expressed as part of an operon that includes genes required for secretion or activation of the toxin [2].
  • Therefore, to clarify the role of individual toxin functions in the virulence of B. pertussis, we have used site-directed or deletion mutagenesis and genetic recombination to specifically target the cyaA gene of B. pertussis to produce mutants that lack only the AC or HLY activity of this toxin [2].
  • We show that adenylate cyclase synthesized as a 200-kilodalton protein is the product of the cyaA gene and that various virulent Bordetella species secrete this high-molecular-weight polypeptide without apparent proteolytic processing [5].

Biological context of cyaA

  • Because of this genetic organization, it is difficult to create B. pertussis mutants of cyaA that are ablations of a single enzyme function by conventional means, such as transposon mutagenesis [2].
  • We show that the BvgA binding sites within the bvgp(1) and cyaA promoters consist of inverted repeats and suggest that inverted-repeat motifs may represent the recognition elements for DNA-BvgA interaction [6].
  • A 400-bp region in the promoter upstream region of the cyaA gene, encoding the toxin, has been defined as the target of transcriptional activation [7].

Other interactions of cyaA

  • Bordetella pertussis produces a cell-invasive adenylate cyclase toxin which is synthesised from the cyaA gene as an inactive protoxin that is post-translationally activated by the product of the cyaC gene [1].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of cyaA


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