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Gene Review

AK2  -  adenylate kinase 2

Bos taurus

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High impact information on AK2

  • Mitochondrial adenylate kinase isozyme 2 (AK2) exists in two isoforms, AK2A and AK2B, which have the same amino-acid sequence except for the C-terminal portion [1].
  • We have isolated the gene encoding AK2 from a bovine genomic library [1].
  • Bovine heart AK2 contains 44 residues more than the homologous isoenzyme AK1 (myokinase) [2].
  • The sequence analysis of adenylate kinase isoenzyme 2 (AK2) was completed using a gas-phase sequencer constructed in our laboratory [2].
  • The enzyme contains 238 amino acid residues in the following order: (sequence; see text) The four cysteine residues of AK2 were reinvestigated [2].

Biological context of AK2


Anatomical context of AK2

  • The additional structural motifs of AK2 are probably related to the location of this isoenzyme in the mitochondrion [3].
  • The diastereomers of adenosine 5'-O-[1-thio]triphosphate (ATP[alpha S]) and adenosine 5'-O-[2-thio]triphosphate (ATP[beta S]) were utilized to seek unambiguous assignment of Mg2+ coordination to ATP when bound to ATP-AMP phosphotransferase from beef heart mitochondria (AK2) [4].


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