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Gene Review

umuC  -  DNA polymerase V subunit UmuC

Escherichia coli UTI89

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Disease relevance of umuC

  • Escherichia coli possesses two members of the Y family, DNA pol IV (DinB) and DNA pol V (UmuD'(2)C), and several regulatory factors, including those encoded by the umuD gene that influence the activity of UmuC [1].
  • Additionally, these activated RecA columns have been used to investigate binding interactions of phage lambda repressor, as well as the UmuC protein, which is required for chemical mutagenesis [2].

High impact information on umuC


Biological context of umuC


Associations of umuC with chemical compounds

  • Since both 9-aminoacridine and ICR191 mutagenesis of these strains is independent of the recA+ and lexA+ gene products, these results may suggest a broader role for the UmuC protein in regulating induced mutation frequencies than has previously been suspected [12].

Other interactions of umuC

  • The results are interpreted in terms of a revised model in which UmuC protein is envisaged as guiding UmuD' to RecA protein which has recognized and become bound to an appropriate DNA lesion [13].


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