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Gene Review

cysK  -  cysteine synthase A

Escherichia coli UTI89

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Disease relevance of cysK


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Biological context of cysK

  • Gel mobility shift assays and DNase I footprinting experiments showed that CysB protein binds to the S. typhimurium cysK promoter at two sites, one, designated CBS-K1, at positions -78 to -39 relative to the major transcription start site, and the other, designated CBS-K2, at positions -115 to -79 [2].
  • The encoded CmbR protein is homologous to the LysR family of regulator proteins and is an activator of the metC-cysK operon [3].
  • Other sulfur sources tested showed no significant effect on metC-cysK gene expression [3].
  • After hydrolysis of the purified protein, amino acid sequences of five peptides were obtained, which permitted the cloning and sequencing of the cysK gene [4].
  • The 3.0-kb HindIII-EcoRI fragment bearing cysK contained two additional ORFs encoding a putative transcriptional regulator and dUTPase [4].


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