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Gene Review

Mkp3  -  Mitogen-activated protein kinase...

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: CG14080, CG14081, DMKP-3, DMKP3, Dmel\CG14080, ...
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High impact information on Mkp3

  • Overexpression of DMKP-3 reduced the number of photoreceptor cells and inhibited wing vein differentiation [1].
  • Here, we demonstrated that Drosophila MKP-3 (DMKP-3) is critically involved in cell differentiation, proliferation, and gene expression by suppressing the Ras/DERK pathway, specifically binding to DERK via the N-terminal ERK-binding domain of DMKP-3 [1].
  • Conversely, DMKP-3 hypomorphic mutants exhibited extra photoreceptor cells and wing veins, and its null mutants showed striking phenotypes, such as embryonic lethality and severe defects in oogenesis [1].
  • Compromising Egfr signalling, by downregulating different elements of the pathway or by overexpressing the Mkp3 negative regulator, leads to loss of tube integrity, whereas upregulation of the pathway results in increased tissue stiffness [2].
  • By genetic analysis we show that DMKP3 and the tyrosine phosphatase PTP-ER perform partially redundant functions on the same substrate, ERK [3].

Biological context of Mkp3


Anatomical context of Mkp3


Associations of Mkp3 with chemical compounds

  • The depletion of DERK or DMKP-3 by inhibitory double-stranded RNA decreased and increased BrdU incorporation, respectively [5].


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