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Gene Review

NPY2R  -  neuropeptide Y receptor Y2

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: NPY-Y2 receptor, NPY2-R, Neuropeptide Y receptor type 2, Y2 receptor
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Disease relevance of NPY2R


Psychiatry related information on NPY2R

  • These data provide further evidence that modulators of the NPY Y2 receptor subtype are drug targets for the treatment of anxiety and mood disorders in human subjects [4].

High impact information on NPY2R

  • AIMS/HYPOTHESIS: The gene encoding neuropeptide Y receptor Y2 (NPY2R) is widely expressed in the central nervous system, with particularly high abundance in the hypothalamus, which is known to be important for appetite regulation [2].
  • METHODS: The coding region of NPY2R was analysed for mutations in 48 obese Danish white subjects and two silent substitutions were identified: SNPs 1 and 2 (rs1047214 and rs2880415) [2].
  • Both basal and forskolin-stimulated cAMP levels were inhibited by 100 nM NPY and by 100 nM NPY(13-36), a selective agonist of the NPY Y2-receptor subtype [5].
  • NPY-related peptides differently modulated macrophage function, confirming involvement of NPY Y2 receptor in both potentiation and suppression of oxidative burst in these cells [6].
  • N-terminal truncation of PYY to abrogate affinity for the NPY1 and NPY5 receptors and subsequent N-terminal modification with aminobenzoic analogs to restore NPY2 receptor potency results in a series of highly selective NPY2 receptor peptide agonists [7].

Biological context of NPY2R

  • Characterization of the human type 2 neuropeptide Y receptor gene (NPY2R) and localization to the chromosome 4q region containing the type 1 neuropeptide Y receptor gene [8].
  • Activation of the NPY2 receptor to reduce appetite while avoiding stimulation of the NPY1 and NPY5 receptors that induce feeding provides a pharmaceutical approach to modulate food intake [7].
  • Previous studies demonstrated that NPY Y2 receptor knockout (KO) mice display an anxiolytic- and antidepressant-like phenotype compared with control animals [4].

Anatomical context of NPY2R


Associations of NPY2R with chemical compounds


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