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Gene Review

WNT16  -  wingless-type MMTV integration site family...

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: Protein Wnt-16
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High impact information on WNT16

  • Here, we show that the E2A-Pbx1 fusion protein activates the expression of a novel WNT gene, WNT-16 [1].
  • WNT-16 normally is expressed in peripheral lymphoid organs such as spleen, appendix, and lymph nodes, but not in bone marrow [1].
  • As two isoforms of Wnt16, Wnt16a and Wnt16b, have been recently identified, we demonstrated by using RT-PCR and Western blot that Wnt16b (and not Wnt16a) is overexpressed in t(1;19)-containing cell lines [2].
  • Using specific short interfering RNA (siRNA) and an anti-Wnt16 antibody, we showed that targeted-Wnt16b inhibition leads to apoptotic cell death [2].
  • Inhibition of Wnt16 in human acute lymphoblastoid leukemia cells containing the t(1;19) translocation induces apoptosis [2].

Biological context of WNT16

  • Human WNT16 isoform 1 (NM_057168.1), consisting of exons 1b, 2, 3 and 4, was identified as the evolutionarily conserved representative isoform [3].
  • The WNT16 gene at human chromosome 7q31.31 encodes two isoforms due to alternative splicing of an alternative promoter type [3].
  • We have identified a novel isoform of the recently described WNT family member, Wnt16, following analysis of chromosome 7q31 genomic sequence [4].
  • Furthermore, the significant decrease in Wnt16b mRNA levels (but not of the Wnt16a isoform of the Wnt16 gene), observed following depletion of the fusion gene, confirms the hypothesis that Wnt16b is a target of E2A-PBX1 [5].
  • Comparative genomics on Wnt16 orthologs [3].

Other interactions of WNT16

  • Phylogenetic analyses on WNT family members revealed that WNT16 was most closely related to WNT7A and WNT7B paralogs [3].
  • Other Wnt molecules were largely unchanged (Wnt4 and Wnt16), or tended to be expressed at lower levels (Wnt7b) [6].


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