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Gene Review

PMEU1  -  pectin methylesterase

Solanum lycopersicum

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Disease relevance of PMEU1


High impact information on PMEU1


Biological context of PMEU1

  • Conversely, the narrow and deep cleft of the active site of E. chrysanthemi PME hinders this interaction [3].
  • Instead, loop regions forming the walls of the catalytic site are much shorter and form a less deep cleft, as already revealed by the carrot PME crystal structure [3].

Associations of PMEU1 with chemical compounds

  • De-esterified citrus pectin was more susceptible to ascorbate-induced scission in vitro than methylesterified pectin, suggesting a possible new significance for pectin methylesterase activity in fruit ripening [5].
  • The pH-dependent changes in fluorescence emission intensity observed in tomato PME could arise as the result of protonation of an Asp residue with unusually high pKa, thus supporting the hypothesis that Asp132 acts as acid/base in the catalytic cycle [3].


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