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Gene Review

BW35  -  Body weight QTL 35

Homo sapiens

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Disease relevance of BW35

  • Association of HLA antigen BW35 with severe Graves' ophthalmopathy [1].
  • An association of A1, B8, and DRW3 appeared to identify a group of 8 females with higher mean anti-DNA, lower mean C4, and lower mean E. coli antibody titer than other females in whom CW4 (with or without BW35) was common (6 of the remaining 10 females were in this category) [2].
  • The lymphocyte HLA types were determined for 13 women, who were then separated into a subgroup of those having a "high" risk for insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (B8, B15, AW30) and a "low-risk" subgroup (B7, BW35) [3].
  • We also conclude that higher serum IgA concentrations and the presence of BW35 are not necessarily associated with progressive renal insufficiency in IgA nephropathy [4].
  • There was a high incidence of BW35 in patients with subacute thyroiditis, although it was only seen in 1 of 6 patients with acute exacerbation [5].

High impact information on BW35

  • The association of raised serum IgA levels and HLA BW35 in these patients suggests that some have the adult form of the IgA/C3 disease described in children [6].
  • HLA-A, B and C typings were also performed, showing relatively high frequencies of the B15, BW35 and CW4 [7].
  • Association of human leukocyte antigens B7 and BW35 with sperm antibodies [8].
  • Sixteen growing Alpine wethers (average BW 35 +/- 2 kg) were assigned to one of four treatments to evaluate tissue retention of the leucaena toxins mimosine (MIM) and 2,3-dihydroxypyridine (2,3-DHP) [9].
  • The high phenotype frequency (PF) of BW35 was observed in the patients, but not statistically significant (pc less than 0.2) [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of BW35

  • HLA typing of 38 patients suffering from calcific periarthritis (hydroxyapatite rheumatism) showed an increased prevalence of HLA A2 (66 per cent) and HLA BW35 (34 per cent) vs 44 per cent and 19 per cent in 591 controls (p less than 0.01 and p less than 0.03 respectively) [11].

Biological context of BW35

  • Only one of the 20 white ocular hypertensives in this series with HLA BW 35 antigen developed glaucomatous visual field loss [12].

Anatomical context of BW35

  • It was shown that on the surface of HeLa cells membranes HLA antigens are expressed: A28, BW35, A3 [13].
  • (1) The detection frequency of the various HLA antigens of locus A in the azoospermia cases with germ cell aplasia did not differ from that in the controls, but there was a significant increase of BW 35 at locus B (corrected P value< 0.017) [14].

Other interactions of BW35

  • The frequencies of HLA-BW21, BW35, and A28 were significantly increased and that of HLA-B7 was significantly reduced [15].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of BW35

  • The HLA typing of hemodialysis patients and normal subjects suggests a negative association of B8 and positive association of B5 with the development of anti-HBs and a negative association of BW35 with HBsAg antigenemia [16].


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