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Thyroiditis, Subacute

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  • A diagnosis of subacute thyroiditis was made, prednisone therapy was tapered over 3 weeks, and treatment with beta blockers was instituted [6].
  • The serum VEGF levels in untreated patients with subacute thyroiditis were significantly higher than those in patients with untreated GD or HT [7].
  • The rise in serum IL-6 levels in untreated patients with subacute thyroiditis in this study is compatible with previous reports [8].
  • In the patients with subacute thyroiditis, serum T3 levels also significantly decreased after TRH administration [9].
  • Five hyperthyroid patients (two men and three women) with typical features of subacute thyroiditis were treated with sodium ipodate (Oragrafin; 0.5 g, orally daily or every other day) for 15-60 days; the treatment was stopped when both serum T4 and T3 levels were normal [10].

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