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Gene Review

LOC548170  -  actin

Hordeum vulgare

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High impact information on LOC548170

  • Polarized MLO accumulation occurs once upon attack and appears to be independent of actin cytoskeleton function [1].
  • We conclude that RACB and, potentially, MLO are host proteins involved in the modulation of actin reorganization and cell polarity in the interaction of barley with Bgh [2].
  • We stained actin filaments in a susceptible Mlo-genotype and a near-isogenic race-non-specifically resistant barley mlo5-mutant genotype using fluorescence-labelled phalloidin after chemical fixation [2].
  • The expression of message for Rubisco small subunit (RbcS), chlorophyll a/b-binding protein (Cab), sucrose (Suc):fructan-6-fructosyl transferase (6-SFT), and Actin were measured in individual photosynthetic cells of the barley (Hordeum vulgare) leaf [3].
  • The VIGS visual phenotype varied from maintained during silencing of actin 1 transcript expression to transient with incomplete penetration through affected tissue during silencing of phytoene desaturase expression [4].

Biological context of LOC548170


Anatomical context of LOC548170

  • The effect of tagetitoxin is selective because this compound does not inhibit barley leaf growth, or the normal accumulation of nuclear-encoded actin and BN3 transcripts and plastid DNA which occurs during chloroplast development [6].
  • Barley zygote protoplasts were mechanically isolated, embedded in agarose droplets, and microinjected with a rice actin promoter Act1-gusA-nos gene construct [7].
  • A histochemical analysis showed that metrafenone caused disruption of the apical actin cap and apical vesicle transport as well as weakening of the cell wall at hyphal tips [8].

Associations of LOC548170 with chemical compounds


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of LOC548170

  • In order to study the biochemical properties of HORvu;Pht1;1 and HORvu;Pht1;6, the genes were expressed in transgenic rice (Oryza sativa L.) plants under the control of the rice actin promoter and suspension cell cultures were generated [9].


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