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Gene Review

Msh4  -  mutS homolog 4 (E. coli)

Mus musculus

Synonyms: 4930485C04Rik, AV144863, MutS protein homolog 4, mMsh4
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Disease relevance of Msh4

  • Disruption of the Msh4 gene in mice results in male and female sterility due to meiotic failure [1].

High impact information on Msh4

  • Although meiosis is initiated in Msh4 mutant male and female mice, as indicated by the chromosomal localization of RAD51 and COR1 during leptonema/zygonema, the chromosomes fail to undergo normal pairing [1].
  • Most Msh4 variant mRNAs are mainly expressed in testis, but a small amount of each variant except for epsilon is also expressed in brain, heart, thymus, ovary and embryonic head [2].
  • This study suggests that the dynamic interchromosomal (intergenic) trans-splicing generates functional diversity of the mouse Msh4 gene [2].
  • By degenerate PCR and screening of mouse testis cDNA library, we have identified seven cDNAs from the meiotic recombination gene Msh4 [2].
  • Family of SRY/Sox proteins is involved in the regulation of the mouse Msh4 (MutS Homolog 4) gene expression [3].

Biological context of Msh4


Anatomical context of Msh4


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