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Gene Review

Est1  -  alpha-esterase like protein E2

Tribolium castaneum

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Disease relevance of est1


High impact information on est1

  • Malathion-specific resistance is due to the presence of a qualitatively different esterase in the resistant strain [3].
  • Effect of octopamine on the activity of juvenile-hormone esterase in the silkworm Bombyx mori and the red flour beetle Tribolium freemani [4].
  • The remarkable tolerance of the predator Chrysopa carnea to pyrethroids is attributed to the presence of a high level of pyrethroid esterase activity with a unique specificity for hydrolyzing the cis-isomer [2].
  • Using paraoxon and pirimiphos-methyl oxon as substrates, high "A" esterase activity is found in the liver and plasma or serum of a range of mammalian species [5].


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