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Chemical Compound Review

octopamine     4-(2-amino-1-hydroxy- ethyl)phenol

Synonyms: Norphen, Analet, Norden, Norfen, Octapamine, ...
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Gene context of Norsynephrine

  • The preincubation of platelet MAO-B with purified MAO-A from mitochondrial membranes of human placenta resulted in appearance of excess octopamine activity [27].
  • The effect of tyramine but not of octopamine was selectively abolished in the TyrR mutant hono, suggesting that this gene encodes a receptor for tyramine, and not for octopamine [32].
  • To test more specifically what role octopamine plays in the antennal lobe, we used two treatments to disrupt an octopamine receptor from Apis mellifera brain (AmOAR) function: (1) an OAR antagonist, mianserin, was used to block receptor function, and (2) AmOAR double-stranded RNA was used to silence receptor expression [33].
  • T beta h-null flies are octopamine-less but survive to adulthood [34].
  • We previously identified one of the Drosophila octopamine receptors named OAMB that produces increases in cAMP and intracellular Ca2+ upon ligand binding [35].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Norsynephrine


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