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Gene Review

IKZF5  -  IKAROS family zinc finger 5 (Pegasus)

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: FLJ22973, Ikaros family zinc finger protein 5, PEGASUS, Pegasus, ZNFN1A5, ...
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Disease relevance of IKZF5


Psychiatry related information on IKZF5


High impact information on IKZF5

  • Here we describe two additional Ikaros family proteins, Eos and Pegasus [5].
  • Eos and Pegasus repress the expression of reporter genes containing their recognition elements [5].
  • Exploration of the solar system and the introduction of advanced technology to neurosurgery: pegasus or pandemonium [6].
  • Efficient levels of regeneration--those needed to carry out transformation experiments--with the cultivars Calypso, Pegasus, Bolero, Tango and Emily were achieved with leaf discs, petioles, roots and stipules [7].
  • For the prevention of VTE, fondaparinux has been studied as extended prophylaxis following hip fracture surgery (PENTHIFRA Plus), for use in high-risk abdominal surgical patients (PEGASUS and APOLLO), and for use in medical patients (ARTEMIS) [8].

Biological context of IKZF5

  • Pegasus is related to other Ikaros proteins in its C-terminal dimerization domain but contains a divergent N-terminal zinc finger domain [5].
  • The mattresses were the Clinirest (SSI) and FirstStep (KCI) continuous airflow mattress overlays, and Airwave (Pegasus) and Nimbus (Huntleigh) alternating pressure air mattresses [9].

Associations of IKZF5 with chemical compounds

  • This work describes the use of GC x GC combined with TOFMS detection (Leco Pegasus 4D instrument) to analyse Target hop oil [10].

Other interactions of IKZF5

  • The Pegasus Airwave mattress has been used for many years in the Eastbourne NHS Trust and has proven its efficiency in the prevention of pressure sores [11].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of IKZF5

  • One objective of the PEGASUS project, a population-based cohort study focusing on Munich, is to prospectively record information on drug exposure during pregnancy, to evaluate these data with regard to teratogenic properties, and to contribute to the quality assurance of medical treatment in pregnancy [2].
  • Pegasus has now produced a new, improved, model: the Cairwave Therapy System. This article looks at criteria that may be used to determine whether the new model is suitable for patient care [11].


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