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Air Pressure

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Disease relevance of Air Pressure


Psychiatry related information on Air Pressure

  • Approximately half were diagnosed with epilepsy and almost three-quarters had sleep disorders sufficiently intrusive to require therapy (either continuous positive air pressure (CPAP) or medication) [2].

High impact information on Air Pressure

  • An important part of the variance in L-tryptophan availability (ie, 12% to 14%) could be explained by the composite effects of present and past climatic factors; higher ambient temperature and relative humidity in the face of lower air pressure are the most important predictors of low L-tryptophan availability [3].
  • LPS, as measured by the lowest air pressure required to elicit the laryngeal adductor reflex (LAR), was determined both before and after laryngopharyngeal infusions of normal saline and 0.1 N hydrochloric acid performed on separate days [4].
  • Upper airway luminal patency is influenced by a number of factors including: intraluminal air pressure, upper airway dilator muscle activity, surrounding extraluminal tissue pressure, and also surface forces which can potentially act within the liquid layer lining the upper airway [5].
  • Kainic acid was then injected into the brainstem of the alert cat through the injection micropipette by an air pressure system [6].
  • By utilizing a highly sensitive air-pressure measuring transducer (AMPT), we were able to record MEMA accurately without artifactual stimulation of this endogenously occurring REM sleep phasic activity [7].

Biological context of Air Pressure

  • Measurements of the subjects' vocal fundamental frequency, maximum phonation time, oral air volume velocity, and peak intra-oral air pressure during production of selected speech stimuli were made before the introduction of triamcinolone and following the first and second years of drug use [8].
  • At 55% of total lung capacity (TLC, the volume at a transpulmonary pressure (Ptp) of 25 cmH2O before treatment), in both the Triton-washed and the ventilated lung, Ptp increased from 5 to 11 cmH2O, whereas Pliq, decreased from -3 to -11 cmH2O relative to alveolar air pressure [9].

Anatomical context of Air Pressure


Associations of Air Pressure with chemical compounds

  • Brief air pressure application of acetylcholine (ACh) elicited nicotinic inward current responses in both GABAergic and non-GABAergic neurons [11].
  • Loss of air pressure resistance leads to a high rate (25.7%) of inaccurate needle-tip placement in the posterior soft tissues of the back during lumbar epidural steroid administration employing a 20-gauge Tuohy needle [12].
  • Results show that the stability of liposomes composed of saturated phosphatidylcholine and DPPG (9:1 mole ratio) is affected by the operating and environmental conditions under which aerosolization takes place, with air pressure having the greatest effect [13].
  • The technique involves the use of an argon fluoride excimer laser, in the deep ultraviolet (UV) region of the spectrum at 193 nm, which is guided through a glass pipette filled with a positive air pressure [14].
  • The effects of air pressure, temperature, buffer osmotic strength, and pH on nebulized liposome dispersions were studied [13].

Gene context of Air Pressure

  • The throughput is about 2 samples/h using +20 kV voltage plus 5 mbar air pressure for separation [15].
  • Three RLS and six ALB patients received intermittent mandatory ventilation or continous positive air pressure after operation [16].
  • Further, applying the standard PTP correction factor for this well chamber is insufficient in accounting for the change in chamber response with air pressure for low-energy (<100 keV) photon and low-energy (<0.75 MeV)beta sources [17].
  • Thirty patients with symptomatic rheumatoid arthritis (RA) of both hands were treated with an air pressure splint [18].
  • In turn, rhoa depends on air pressure (P(B)) and temperature (T): rhoa=rho0 x 0.359 x P(B) x T(-1), where rho0 is the air density at 760 mmHg (101.3 kPa) and 273 K [19].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Air Pressure

  • Incorrect needle position during lumbar epidural steroid administration: inaccuracy of loss of air pressure resistance and requirement of fluoroscopy and epidurography during needle insertion [12].
  • Variations in luminal air pressure have a significant influence on GBF as measured by LDF, and therefore intragastric manometry and standardization of intraluminal air pressure is necessary in endoscopic LDF measurements [20].


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