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Gene Review

CDC48  -  cell division control protein 48-A

Arabidopsis thaliana

Synonyms: ATCDC48, CDC48A, cell division cycle 48
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High impact information on CDC48


Biological context of CDC48

  • Fluorescent lifetime imaging microscopy (FLIM) was used to detect F??rster resonance energy transfer (FRET) between CrFP/YFP-tagged CDC48A and SERK1 [4].

Anatomical context of CDC48


Enzymatic interactions of CDC48


Other interactions of CDC48

  • Models for the role of AtCDC48 and SYP31 at the division plane will be discussed [7].
  • These results suggest that there are at least two distinct membrane fusion pathways involving Cdc48p/p97 and Sec18p/NSF that operate at the division plane to mediate plant cytokinesis [7].
  • ATPase activity in both the D1 and the D2 domains was critical for PUX1-mediated AtCDC48 hexamer disassembly [8].


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