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Gene Review

CYP707A3  -  abscisic acid 8'-hydroxylase 3

Arabidopsis thaliana

Synonyms: K9E15.12, K9E15_12, cytochrome P450, family 707, polypeptide 3, ...
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Disease relevance of CYP707A3

  • On dehydration, the cyp707a3-1 mutant accumulated a higher amount of stress-induced ABA than the wild type, an event that occurred relatively later and was coincident with slow drought induction of CYP707A3 [1].

High impact information on CYP707A3

  • Moreover, CYP707A1 and CYP707A3 were also shown to be involved in postgermination growth [2].
  • Conversely, constitutive expression of CYP707A3 relieved growth retardation by ABA, increased transpiration, and a reduction of endogenous ABA in both turgid and dehydrated plants [1].
  • CYP707A3, a major ABA 8'-hydroxylase involved in dehydration and rehydration response in Arabidopsis thaliana [1].
  • The insect cells expressing CYP707A3 efficiently metabolized (+)-ABA to yield phaseic acid, the isomerized form of 8'-hydroxy-ABA [3].
  • For designing a specific inhibitor of this enzyme, the substrate specificity and inhibition of CYP707A3, an ABA 8'-hydroxylase from Arabidopsis thaliana, was investigated using 45 structural analogues of ABA and compared to the structural requirements for ABA activity [4].

Anatomical context of CYP707A3


Associations of CYP707A3 with chemical compounds


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of CYP707A3


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