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Gene Review

KEU  -  SNARE-interacting protein KEULE

Arabidopsis thaliana

Synonyms: F5O11.8, F5O11_8, SEC11, keule
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High impact information on KEU


Biological context of KEU

  • This complete inhibition of cytokinesis from fertilisation indicates that KN and KEU, have partially redundant functions and interact specifically in vesicle fusion during cytokinesis of somatic cells [2].
  • Nonetheless, keule mutants die as seedlings with large polyploid cells [3].

Anatomical context of KEU

  • Mutant keule embryos have large multinucleate cells with gapped or incomplete cross walls, as well as cell wall stubs that are very similar to those observed upon caffeine inhibition of cytokinesis in plants [3].

Other interactions of KEU

  • Genetic interactions between KN and KEU were analysed in double mutant embryos [2].
  • In these and other respects, the new mutants are phenotypically similar to knolle, keule, hinkel, and pleiade mutants [4].


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