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Gene Review

nr5a1a  -  nuclear receptor subfamily 5, group A,...

Danio rerio

Synonyms: SF1-A, SO:0000704, ff1b, nr5a4
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High impact information on nr5a1a

  • In situ hybridization demonstrates that prox1 colocalizes with ff1a and ff1b in the liver and interrenal primordia, respectively [1].
  • Our gene knockdown experiments indicate that wt1 is required for its initial restricted expression in pronephric primordia, pronephric cell migration and fusion. wt1 also appears to be involved in interrenal development and ff1b expression [2].
  • Similarly, ff1b is required for interrenal differentiation and activation of the differentiated gene, cyp11a1 [2].
  • Primordial interrenal cells first appear as bilateral intermediate mesoderm expressing ff1b in a region ventral to the third somite [2].
  • The zebrafish ftz-f1 gene, ff1b, is activated in two cell clusters lateral to the midline in the trunk during late embryogenesis [3].

Biological context of nr5a1a


Anatomical context of nr5a1a


Associations of nr5a1a with chemical compounds


Other interactions of nr5a1a

  • Among them, the ff1a expression pattern is similar to mammalian Nr5a2, while the ff1b pattern is similar to that of mammalian Nr5a1 [5].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of nr5a1a

  • Comparative sequence analysis showed that zFF1 exhibited higher sequence similarity to the LRH/FTF group than the SF-1/Ad4BP group, whereas ff1b was indistinguishable between the groups [6].


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