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Gene Review

nr5a2  -  nuclear receptor subfamily 5, group A,...

Danio rerio

Synonyms: SO:0000704, ff1a, ftz, ftzf1, sf1, ...
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High impact information on nr5a2

  • Due to lack of the identity box (I-box) and activation function 2 (AF-2) domain, zFF1B lacks transactivation function and fails to synergize with estrogen receptor (ER) in regulating promoters [1].
  • The GST pull-down assay showed that zFF1A and its mutants exerted similar physical contacts with ER-LBD, suggesting that the "dimerization" domain (I-box) is essential for the transcriptional activity of zFF1A [1].
  • Furthermore, cotransfection studies in HeLa cells showed that zFF1B was a strong competitor for the action of zFF1A on the chinook salmon gonadotropin IIbeta subunit gene promoter [2].
  • Whole mount in situ hybridization and reverse transcriptase-PCR analysis revealed that both zFF1A and B transcripts were present in the developing pituitaries, adult fish brain, gonads, and liver, albeit zFF1B messenger RNA was absent in testis [2].
  • These results demonstrate that ff1a functions in both slow and fast muscle morphogenesis in response to Hedgehog signaling, and this function parallels the activity of another slow muscle gene, prox1 [3].

Biological context of nr5a2

  • In a first attempt to dissect the ff1a promoter in vivo we have produced first generation transgenes in order to determine the correlation between the expression of the endogenous ff1a gene and the microinjected ff1a dual promoter coupled to the pEGFP reporter vector [4].
  • Analysis of zebrafish FTZ-F1 homologues (zFF1 and ff1b) during embryogenesis indicated distinct expression patterns for both genes [5].
  • We suggest that the D and E regions of zFF1A possess both positive and negative transactivation functions, and interdomain "cross-talk" may confer the full transcriptional activity of the protein [1].

Anatomical context of nr5a2

  • In situ hybridization revealed that ff1a mRNA was present in the adaxial and migrating slow muscle precursors and was down-regulated when slow muscle cells matured [3].
  • We showed that ff1a and prox1 complemented each other in slow myofibril assembly, but they did not affect the expression of each other [3].
  • Besides the previously observed expression in pituitary/hypothalamus and mandibular arch, zFF1 transcripts were also detected in domains corresponding to the pronephric duct, somites, liver, and hindbrain [5].

Other interactions of nr5a2

  • Among them, the ff1a expression pattern is similar to mammalian Nr5a2, while the ff1b pattern is similar to that of mammalian Nr5a1 [6].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of nr5a2

  • Comparative sequence analysis showed that zFF1 exhibited higher sequence similarity to the LRH/FTF group than the SF-1/Ad4BP group, whereas ff1b was indistinguishable between the groups [5].


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