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Gene Review

TPO1  -  Tpo1p

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: L0939, Polyamine transporter 1, YLL028W
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High impact information on TPO1


Biological context of TPO1

  • Although the protective role of TPO1 and PDR5 genes was confirmed, the majority of the responsive genes encoding multidrug resistance do not confer resistance to 2,4-D [3].
  • Deletion analysis of these genes demonstrated that TPO1 and SLK19 specifically regulated ERG9 expression when tested with several different promoter-reporter gene fusions [4].
  • The longer duration of the adaptation period, observed for the Delta(pdr1) population, may involve the abolishment of the Pdr1p-mediated transcriptional activation of TPO1 and PDR5 genes, whose expression is critical to surpass the viability loss during the initial period of adaptation to the herbicides [5].
  • A rapid and transient activation of TPO1 (sixfold) and PDR5 (twofold) transcription takes place during the adaptation period preceding cell division under MCPA or 2,4-D moderate stress [5].

Associations of TPO1 with chemical compounds

  • The drug sensitivity of the strains deleted for these genes revealed that TPO1, a gene previously found to be involved in spermidine resistance and vacuolar polyamine transport, is a determinant of multidrug transporter since it also mediates growth resistance to cycloheximide and quinidine [6].
  • Novel target genes of the yeast regulator Pdr1p: a contribution of the TPO1 gene in resistance to quinidine and other drugs [6].
  • Both YOR273C and TPO1 as well as at least one other determinant involved in the yeast pleiotropic drug resistance network contribute to resistance to a quinoline-containing antimalarial drug [6].
  • We screened for Saccharomyces cerevisiae genes whose overexpression causes indomethacin resistance and identified the TPO1 gene, which encodes a major facilitator superfamily transporter [7].
  • Identification of the TPO1 gene in yeast, and its human orthologue TETRAN, which cause resistance to NSAIDs [7].

Regulatory relationships of TPO1

  • Additionally, EMSAs demonstrated that extracts derived from the TPO1 deletion strain was unable to shift the repressing cis-element while protein extracts from the SLK19 deletion strain had a reduced shift of the activating cis-element [4].

Other interactions of TPO1

  • Expression of TPO1 and/or IMD2 was strongly affected in 16 such transcription mutants suggesting that low expression of these genes could contribute to MPA sensitivity [8].


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