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Gene Review

DAN1  -  Dan1p

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: CCW13, Cell wall protein DAN1, Covalently-linked cell wall protein 13, Delayed anaerobic protein 1, J2217, ...
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High impact information on DAN1

  • Deletion of the ATP-binding cassette transporters YOR011w (AUS1) or PDR11, or a putative cell wall protein encoded by DAN1, significantly reduced sterol influx [1].
  • Within the promoter sequence of one of these genes, DAN1, we identified the region responsive to SUT1 and showed that it has a strong repressive activity when cloned in the vicinity of distinct promoters [2].
  • Indeed, ectopic expression of MOX4 in aerobic cells resulted in partially constitutive expression of DAN1 [3].
  • Expression of DAN1 was regulated in parallel with the hypoxic gene ANB1, showing identical kinetics of induction and dose response to heme [4].
  • Moreover, the engineered promoters showed a markedly higher maximal expression than the unmutated DAN1 promoter, under both fastidious anaerobiosis and microaerobisois [5].

Biological context of DAN1


Other interactions of DAN1

  • AR1 is found in all of the DAN/TIR promoters; AR2 is found in DAN1, DAN2 and DAN3 [8].


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