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Gene Review

ZRC1  -  Zn(2+) transporter ZRC1

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: YM9408.05C, YMR243C, Zinc/cadmium resistance protein
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Disease relevance of ZRC1


High impact information on ZRC1

  • We also show that the vacuolar CDF proteins Zrc1 and Cot1 are other pathways of ER zinc acquisition [3].
  • Surprisingly, transcription of ZRC1 is induced in zinc-limited cells by the zinc-responsive transcription factor Zap1 [4].
  • We show here that this increase in ZRC1 expression is a novel mechanism of zinc homeostasis and stress tolerance [4].
  • Experiments using the zinc-responsive fluorophore FuraZin-1 as an indicator of vacuolar zinc levels indicated that Zrc1 is required for the rapid transport of zinc into the vacuole during zinc shock [4].
  • Both Zrc1-dependent and independent activities showed a high specificity for Zn(2+) over other physiologically relevant substrates such as Ca2+, Fe2+, and Mn2+ [5].

Biological context of ZRC1


Anatomical context of ZRC1


Associations of ZRC1 with chemical compounds

  • The COT1 protein shares 60% identity with the ZRC1 gene product, which confers resistance to zinc and cadmium ions [8].

Other interactions of ZRC1

  • Multiple copies of transition metal transporter resistance genes, such as COT1 or ZRC1, do not reduce the metal sensitivity of fet3 mutations [9].


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