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Gene Review

EGT2  -  Egt2p

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: Early G1 transcript 2, N0320, Protein EGT2, YNL327W
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High impact information on EGT2

  • EGT2 gene transcription is induced predominantly by Swi5 in early G1 [1].
  • Transcriptional levels peak at the boundary of mitosis and early G1 The transcription factors responsible for EGT2 expression in early G1 are Swi5 and, to a lesser extent, Ace2 [1].
  • In a screen for cell cycle-regulated genes in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae, we have identified a gene, EGT2, which is involved in cell separation in the G1 stage of the cell cycle [1].
  • In this mutant, Egt2p was displaced from the septal region to the cell cortex, indicating that GPI7 plays an important role in cell separation via the GPI-based modification of daughter-specific proteins in S. cerevisiae [2].
  • Additional glucan at the bud site inhibited separation of lrg1 mutants as the clustered phenotype was repressed by expression of the glucanases ENG1 or EGT2 [3].

Anatomical context of EGT2

  • Two enzyme encoding genes CTS1 and EGT2, which function in the separation of daughter cells from their mother cells, were down-regulated by a factor of 3.7 and 10.2, respectively, indicating that 5-fluorocytosine may also inhibit the separation of fungal cells [4].
  • KRE11, EGT2 and MSS10 had their transcript levels increased by more than 10-fold during attempted spheroplast regeneration [5].
  • To examine the requirement of the GPI anchoring on the plasma membrane for the function, the omega-minus region of Ybr078w was replaced with those of Ydr534c/Fit1 and Ynl327w/Egt2, which are known as GPI-dependent cell wall proteins [6].

Other interactions of EGT2

  • Since Swi5 is unstable in the nucleus, its level drops rapidly, causing termination of EGT2 transcription before cells are committed to the next cell cycle [1].
  • Furthermore, deletion of EGT2, one of the genes controlled by Ace2p and encoding a GPI-anchored protein required for cell separation, ameliorated the temperature sensitivity of the gpi7 mutant [2].


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