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Gene Review

SEC21  -  Sec21p

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: Coatomer subunit gamma, Gamma-COP, Gamma-coat protein, N0543, YNL287W
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High impact information on SEC21

  • Comparison with other yeast mutants indicates that Sec21p (gamma-COP) and Sec20p (an endoplasmic reticulum membrane protein) are also involved primarily, if not exclusively, in retrograde transport [1].
  • Coatomer from beta'-COP (sec27-1) and alpha-COP (ret1-1) mutants, but not from gamma-COP (sec21) mutants, had lost the ability to bind dilysine motifs in vitro [2].
  • Here we describe the characterization of SEC21, an essential gene required for protein transport from the endoplasmic reticulum to the Golgi in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae [3].
  • To investigate the direct and primary role(s) of COPI in ER/Golgi transport and in the secretory pathway in general, we used PCR-based mutagenesis to generate new temperature-conditional mutant alleles of one COPI gene in Saccharomyces cerevisiae, SEC21 (gamma-COP) [4].
  • Additionally, the sec21 mutants exhibited early Golgi-specific glycosylation defects and structural aberrations in early but not late Golgi compartments at nonpermissive temperature [4].

Biological context of SEC21

  • SEC21 is a gene required for ER to Golgi protein transport that encodes a subunit of a yeast coatomer [3].
  • On the basis of mutations in the yeast homologue of gamma-COP, Sec21p, a second binding site is proposed to exist on the gamma-COP appendage that interacts with the alpha,beta',epsilon COPI subcomplex [5].

Anatomical context of SEC21


Other interactions of SEC21

  • SEC21 encodes the gamma-subunit of coatomer, a heptameric protein complex that together with Arf1p forms the COPI coat [8].
  • A bfr1-delta 1::URA3 deletion strain is viable, but has defects in cell morphology and nuclear segregation, and the mutation accentuates the growth and secretion defects of a sec21 mutant [9].
  • Interestingly, the inviability of strains bearing several mutant alleles of DSL1 can be suppressed by expression of either Erv14p (a protein required for the movement of a specific protein from the ER to the Golgi), Sec21p (the gamma-subunit of the COPI coat protein complex coatomer), or Sly1-20p [10].


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