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Gene Review

ARG5,6  -  bifunctional acetylglutamate kinase/N...

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: Protein ARG5,6, mitochondrial, YER069W
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Disease relevance of ARG5,6


High impact information on ARG5,6

  • In vitro studies of the binding of the ARGR proteins to the ARG5,6 promoter [2].
  • This enzyme, Arg5,6, functions as a catalytic enzyme in ornithine biosynthesis and also binds and regulates the promoters of nuclear and mitochondrial genes [3].
  • The measured synthase activity did not increase with the number of ARG2 gene copies unless the number of ARG5,6 gene copies was increased similarly [4].
  • A set of non-integrative high-efficiency plasmid vectors based on this gene marker was constructed and a null C. albicans arg5,6 delta strain was obtained using the common URA3-blaster strategy [5].
  • The ARG5,6 gene from the dimorphic fungus Candida albicans was cloned by functional complementation of the arginine auxotrophy present in strain EL2 (Arg-) using a gene library constructed in the double autonomously replicating sequence vector pRM1 [5].

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