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Gene Review

rep  -  DNA helicase and single-stranded DNA...

Escherichia coli str. K-12 substr. MG1655

Synonyms: ECK3770, JW5604, dasC, mbrA
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Disease relevance of rep


High impact information on rep

  • We show that the RuvAB complex is required for the formation of a RusA substrate in the polymerase III mutants dnaEts and holD, affected for the Pol III catalytic subunit and clamp loader, and in the helicase mutant rep [4].
  • No increase in linear DNA was observed in the absence of replicating chromosomes, indicating that the formation of DSBs in rep strains requires replication [5].
  • Furthermore, it is shown that dnaC824 will suppress phenotypes of priB priA300, rep priA300 and priB priC strains [6].
  • Escherichia coli rep gene: sequence of the gene, the encoded helicase, and its homology with uvrD [1].
  • The org (rep) mutations confer amino acid substitutions in the viral coat protein, a constituent of the prohead, and the viral A protein, a constituent of the preinitiation complex [7].

Biological context of rep


Associations of rep with chemical compounds

  • The location of the promoter and the beginning of the protein were confirmed by S1 nuclease mapping of the 5' end of rep mRNA and determination of the NH2-terminal sequence of the rep protein [8].
  • Vector pAG24 with kanamycin gene and two deletion derivatives pAG25 and pAG26 without rep gene from plasmid pAG20 were constructed [11].

Other interactions of rep

  • Furthermore, they affect the growth of rep mutants, and to a lesser extent, that of recA mutants [12].


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