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Gene Review

pol  -  P2

Pseudomonas phage phi8

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Disease relevance of phi-8Lp3


High impact information on phi-8Lp3

  • Here we propose a new general method for directly determining RNA sequence based on the use of the RNA-dependent RNA polymerase from bacteriophage phi6 and the chain terminators (RdRP sequencing) [6].
  • The viral envelope encloses a nucleocapsid, consisting of an RNA-dependent RNA polymerase complex within an icosahedral shell assembled from approximately 800 copies of a 16 kDa subunit (protein P8, encoded by viral gene 8) [7].
  • In the amino acid sequence of the viral RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (P2), similarity was found to the comparable proteins of phi6, phi8, and phi13 [8].
  • This NTP-binding site is probably different from that of the unspecific viral NTPase found in protein P4 and also from that of the rNTP-specific RNA polymerase active site [9].
  • Procapsids can be restricted to minus-strand synthesis by high concentrations of CaCl2 or low concentrations of nucleotides, enabling us to separate the viral minus-strand (replication) and plus-strand (transcription) RNA-dependent RNA polymerase activities in vitro [10].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of phi-8Lp3


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