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Gene Review

BMVs2gp1  -  RNA-dependent RNA polymerase

Brome mosaic virus

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Disease relevance of BMVs2gp1

  • Using an RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (replicase) preparation from barley leaves infected with brome mosaic virus (BMV) to synthesize the viral subgenomic RNA in vitro, we now provide evidence that subgenomic RNA arises by internal initiation on the (-)-strand of genomic RNA [1].
  • This high resolution structure of an RNA promoter from a (+)-strand RNA virus provides new insights into how the RNA-dependent RNA polymerase binds to the RNA to initiate synthesis [2].
  • An RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (replicase) extract from brome mosaic virus-infected barley leaves has been shown to initiate synthesis of (-) sense RNA from (+) sense virion RNA [3].
  • We show that the RdRp of the plant-infecting BMV is capable of accurately, albeit inefficiently, initiating RNA synthesis from the subgenomic promoter of the animal-infecting Semliki Forest virus [4].
  • This observation and the established role of translation factors in bacteriophage Q beta RdRp suggest that association with translation factors may be a general feature of RNA replication by (+)-strand RNA viruses [5].

High impact information on BMVs2gp1


Chemical compound and disease context of BMVs2gp1


Biological context of BMVs2gp1

  • By means of in vitro replication assays using partially purified BMV RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (RdRp) it was found that other base pairs contribute to sg transcription, probably by stabilizing the formation of this pseudo triloop, which is proposed to be the primary element recognized by the viral replicase [11].
  • The nonstructural viral protein P1 was found to be a component of the RdRp complex (R. Quadt, H.J.M. Verbeek, and E.M.J. Jaspars, 1988, Virology 165, 256-261) [12].

Anatomical context of BMVs2gp1


Associations of BMVs2gp1 with chemical compounds

  • During the transition we were able to discern step-wise increases in the affinity of RdRp for RNA by measuring sensitivity to heparin and competition for RdRp by an alternative template [13].


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