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Bronchial Diseases

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  • Abrogation of MRP-14 activity with a specific antibody also reduced the IL-8-stimulating potential of bronchial secretions, suggesting it was a significant stimulus to IL-8 production in the lung and may amplify the neutrophilic inflammation seen in bronchial disease [3].
  • The small pulmonary nodules in seven, TNM stage of large intrapulmonary tumors in eight, and benign bronchial disease in five patients were evaluated [4].
  • High enzymatic activities were observed in patients with CF who have advanced bronchial disease (that had been determined by a clinical scoring system) [5].
  • Sputum and serum piperacillin levels were obtained from eight patients with bronchial disease receiving a five to seven day course (8 to 16 g/day) [6].
  • Neutrophil elastase is capable of generating many of the features of chronic bronchial disease [7].

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