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Health Status

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Disease relevance of Health Status


Psychiatry related information on Health Status


High impact information on Health Status

  • Health status and function with zidovudine or zalcitabine as initial therapy for AIDS. A randomized controlled trial. Roche 3300/ACTG 114 Study Group [11].
  • Average observed health status scores were lower in zalcitabine recipients overall, but especially in the early portion of the study [11].
  • These results showed that vitamin B6, in addition to its well-known coenzymatic function, exercised a type of control over protein expression, which may be positive or negative depending on the nutritional and health status of the animal [12].
  • The main outcome measures were ability to answer questions correctly about (1) health status of CF carriers and people with CF, (2) the possibility of false-negative results, and (3) for those who had screening, the implications of their own results [13].
  • Analyses of serum cholesterol measurements on 4,619 males and 4,730 females residing in the community of Tecumseh, Michigan, were conducted to estimate the contribution of sex, age, temporal variation, and bimodality to determining the normal variation among individuals sampled without regard to their health status [14].

Chemical compound and disease context of Health Status


Biological context of Health Status


Anatomical context of Health Status

  • Diminished induction of HSP90 and P73 is observed in lymphocytes from older subjects (mean age 75), regardless of differences in health status of the subject populations [25].
  • PURPOSE: We report the results of 3 contacts during 42 months of The Olmsted County Study of Urinary Symptoms and Health Status Among Men, a longitudinal cohort study of men 40 to 79 years old that was initiated in 1990 to describe changes in lower urinary tract symptom severity [26].
  • Impact of sputum bacteria on airway inflammation and health status in clinical stable COPD [27].
  • IL-2 therapy of 600,000 to 1 million units subcutaneously daily resulted in increased CD4+ T cells to normal levels, a decrease in the gammopathy, a return of renal function, energy, and weight gain, and apparently normal health status sustained for 2 years [28].
  • Steroid levels in the follicular fluid and the health status of the follicles were evaluated [29].

Associations of Health Status with chemical compounds

  • There was no significant difference in QOL scores, although a disproportionate number of patients (cisplatin, n = 50; C+P, n = 33) dropped out of the QOL component, presumably because of increasing disease, deteriorating health status, or early death [30].
  • A model of health status for rheumatoid arthritis. A factor analysis of the Arthritis Impact Measurement Scales [31].
  • CONCLUSIONS: Smokers with nicotine dependence should be distinguished from other smokers in evaluations of the health status of populations [32].
  • Four of the health-related quality-of-life dimensions and the physical component summary score measured by the SF-36 (which is a valid, reliable general health status instrument) showed significant improvements at 6 months compared with patients' scores before use of sumatriptan (P<.05) [33].
  • Salmeterol reduced the perception of breathlessness (in 6 of 9 studies) and improved health status (in 3 of 4 studies) [34].

Gene context of Health Status


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Health Status


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