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Quality-Adjusted Life Years

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Disease relevance of Quality-Adjusted Life Years


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Chemical compound and disease context of Quality-Adjusted Life Years


Biological context of Quality-Adjusted Life Years


Associations of Quality-Adjusted Life Years with chemical compounds

  • RESULTS: Both strategies were similarly effective (4.33 quality-adjusted life years per patient), with omeprazole less expensive than LNF ($6053 vs. $9482 per patient) [17].
  • RESULTS OF SENSITIVITY ANALYSIS: When late complications were assumed to occur 25% less frequently in patients who received unfractionated heparin, the incremental cost-effectiveness ratio increased to almost $75,000 per QALY gained [18].
  • Patients receiving amiodarone live for 3.68 quality-adjusted life-years and have a lifetime expenditure of $51,000 [19].
  • RESULTS OF SENSITIVITY ANALYSIS: From the societal perspective, the cost per QALY gained associated with sildenafil was less than $50,000 if treatment-related morbidity was less than 0.8% per year, mortality was less than 0.55% per year, treatment was successful in more than 40.2% of patients, or sildenafil cost less than $244 per month [20].
  • 0. RESULTS: Compared with a watchful waiting approach, the incremental cost-effectiveness ratio for a strategy of screen and treat with alendronate at a BMD T score of <-1.0 was $92,600 per quality-adjusted life year (QALY) gained [21].

Gene context of Quality-Adjusted Life Years

  • The cost-utility ratios for infliximab treatment range from 16,000 Euros to almost 166,000/QALY (quality adjusted life-year) gained, the studies investigating etanercept treatment show a ratio of approximately 25,000 Euros and 120,000/QALY gained [22].
  • OBJECTIVE: To analyse the cost utility of adalimumab, on both incremental cost and incremental quality adjusted life years (QALYs), versus traditional disease modifying antirheumatic drugs and the other tumour necrosis factor (TNF) antagonists suitable for submission to the Swedish LFN (Pharmaceutical Benefit Board) [23].
  • The incremental cost per QALY of tPA remained under $60,000 if the survival benefit was half that seen in the GUSTO trial [24].
  • Costs/QALY gained discounted at 3% were $205,186 using the QWB and $32,643 using the CHRD [25].
  • Previous pharmacoeconomic studies of IFN beta have suggested that benefits can only be achieved at extremely high cost, with reported cost-effectiveness measures of up to 1 million pounds sterling (Pound) per quality-adjusted life year (QALY) [1995 values] [26].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Quality-Adjusted Life Years


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